The Faded Black Lightroom Presets

- by Gabriele Vinci

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From The All-In-One Collection

T - 08 . Arctic Preset / Travel Collection


T - 05 . Forest R01 Preset / Travel Collection

P - 10 . Classic Preset / Portrait Collection


The Faded Black Lightroom Presets

What’s the secret behind professional photo editing?
How do professional photographers manage to get a cinematic look in their photos while also preserving the consistency in all their work?
How are they able to process the black and turn it in a sort of soft dark grey?
If you ever wondered about this, then these presets are what you’re looking for.

Gabriele Vinci designed The Faded Black collections to share the same presets he uses daily with other photographers and enthusiasts. The design focused on the set up of the Tone Curve so that the black fades into a soft grey while maintaining the balance of the overall contrast and light. Each color was processed with a specific setting related to the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance to achieve a distinct tonal style.

The Travel and The Portrait collections include 10 high-quality tailor-made presets that will help you step up your photo game instantly. You only have to set the White Balance and the overall Exposure, which is explained in detail in the video tutorial included in all the Desktop collections.

If you’re still not convinced, feel free to take a look at Gabriele Vinci’s work and visit his Instagram profile.
If you like his style, then you will love the Faded Black.

T - 02 . The Golden Hour Preset / Travel Collection


P - 07 . B&W R01 Preset / Portrait Collection

P - 01 . The Blue Hour Preset / Portrait Collection


Lightroom Presets

The Faded Black

Includes Travel & portrait Collections D + M


Travel Collection D + M

10 Presets, About 1 Hour Video Tutorial (How To Use The Presets), 8 RAW File, 1 Pdf Installation Guide, Instant Download

Portrait Collection D + M

10 Presets, 1 Skin Retouching Photoshop Action, About 1 Hour Video Tutorial (How To Use The Presets & The Skin Retouching Action), 1 Pdf Installation Guide, Instant Download

About the Author

& The Faded Black

Lightroom presets


Gabriele Vinci is a freelance travel and portrait photographer, filmmaker & designer.
Gabriele is known for his cinematic faded style, and his unique ability to tell stories through amazing photos.

The presets he’s now offering, are the exact same presets he use on all of his works.

“If you want to take your photos to the next level, I’m sure these presets will help you step up your work instantly!”




Of course, you can. Most of our happiest customers are beginners, and all of our presets can give your photos a professional look with just one click. We recommend to set up the white balance and the overall exposure before applying the preset, which is something explained into detail in the video tutorial included in all the desktop collections.

Once purchased, you can use the presets as long as you want. Please, do not share the files with other people as it violates the terms of use.

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All the collections come with a detailed PDF installation guide.

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